Podcast Chat with Thomas Perone owner of Brooklyn’s Most Talked about Restaurant

Chef Thomas Perone joins our podcast today. In our second episode of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Chef Perone discusses with hosts Michael Quinn and Mikey Bets the success he has achieved with his acclaimed restaurant Brooklyn Roots. He also tells us why radio host Craig Carton gave him the former nom de guerre Pig […]

Debut Podcast with David Flom of Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Weener Mag has debuted a podcast with Chicago based Mikey Bets and New York City based Michael Quinn as hosts. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? In this inaugural podcast the guys interview David Flom who is managing partner of renowned Chicago Cut Steakhouse a favorite dining destination for both celebrities and sports stars. David Flom […]

Jimmy Neary’s Last Interview was a Gathering of Friends

Much has been written about Neary’s Pub and the prominent names that have visited or are regulars. Those names include Michael Bloomberg, Kathie Lee Gifford, Cardinal Dolan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mary Higgins Clark, and the list goes on. All drawn in by Neary’s legendary hospitality. I knew that I wanted to capture that beautiful […]

Patsy’s is still the Restaurant Sinatra made Famous

Walking into Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is walking into a museum dedicated to Frank Sinatra. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Theater District at 236 W.56th st. in New York City. Sal Scognamillo’s family has owned the restaurant since 1944 and over that time period almost every star from Broadway to Hollywood has entered it’s doors. […]

Playwright Franco D’Alessandro brings the Joy of Life to the Stage and Kitchen

I first became acquainted with Playwright Franco D’Alessandro in 2002 when his play Roman Nights about the relationship between Tennessee Williams and actress Anna Magnani was creating buzz around Downtown Manhattan. Actress Isabella Rossellini attended the premiere. The play was knocking the socks off of theatergoers at Union Square’s Daryl Roth 2 Theatre. It was […]

Studio 54 Bartender who spent nights at Halston’s Apartment is a True Artist

Miestorm. Once known as Lenny 54 is truly a mystical being. We recently caught up at Old Town Bar just north of Manhattan’s Union Square. Miestorm entered walking confidently with that trademark youthful grin observing the high ceilings of the former 19th century German restaurant intensely and curiously through the eyes of an artist. That’s […]